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Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions for Admins – Best for 2023

How Google Chrome Extensions Simplify Salesforce

Salesforce Chrome Extensions are a great way to improve your Salesforce efficiency and experience. They can make it easier to find information, automate tasks, and create new features that are not available in the standard Salesforce environment.

There are many different types of extensions that you can use with Salesforce. Some of them are designed for specific industries or workflows while others offer general functionality.

Below is a short-list of the most practical and useful Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins to take your Org to the next level.

Quick Jumps

  1. Org Header for Salesforce
  2. Salesforce Inspector
  3. Maven Tools for Salesforce
  4. Salesforce Show API Name
  5. Salesforce DevTools
  6. Google Sheets Connector for Salesforce
  7. Further Salesforce Reading


1. Org Header for Salesforce

★★★★★ 12 reviews | 2,000+ users

A true Salesforce Admin and Developer lifesaver. Avoid close-calls and accidental production changes with this simple Chrome extension. Quickly identify which Environment or Sandbox you are working in by setting up unique, color-coded headers for each one.

The benefits of Org Header for Salesforce are:

  • Identify at a glance which Salesforce Org you are currently logged into and working within.
  • Avoid accidental changes to the wrong sandbox, or even production.
  • Easy setup and adjustments within the Chrome Extension settings.


Install Org Header for Salesforce

2. Salesforce Inspector

★★★★★ 224 reviews | 200,000+ users

Salesforce Inspector is a Chrome extension that allows you to see the code behind any Salesforce page. This extension is especially helpful with Apex classes, triggers, and Visualforce pages. Simple and easy to use, look behind the hood of any Salesforce record with a click.

The benefits of Salesforce Inspector are:

  • View Salesforce API names within the Lightning User Interface and on any Page Layout.
  • Simplify field mapping exercises and requests with cross platform integrations or databases, especially if labels and names are not easily discernable.
  • View all record data in one, simplified view, including fields not on the initial Page Layout.


Install Salesforce Inspector for Chrome


3. Maven Tools for Salesforce

★★★★★ 24 reviews | 1,000+ users

Maven tools for salesforce is a chrome extension that helps the user find and use different features of Salesforce. This extension is a true, one-stop-shop, for Salesforce Advanced Admins and Developers.

There are too many features to list them all here. This truly is the Salesforce Chrome Extension to rule them all.

The benefits of Maven Tools for Salesforce are:

  • Query large amounts of records at once within the tool itself.
  • View and edit all record metadata in Salesforce.
  • View all Events and Org Limits with ease in the extension interface.
  • Robust support and documentation within their Maven Mule Docs website.
  • And much, much more.


Install Maven Tools for Salesforce


4. Salesforce Show Api Name

★★★★★ 15 reviews | 10,000+ users

The Salesforce Show Api Name chrome extension is a browser extension that allows you to view the Salesforce API name of any element on a webpage with a click.

This feature is incredibly useful for developers who want to know what data they can extract from a website and how they can do it. The Salesforce Show Api Name Chrome Extension does not require any additional setup and it only takes seconds to install it from the Chrome Web Store.

The benefits of Show Api Name are:

  • Show the api names of any Salesforce field within the Lightning Interface with a button click.
  • Simple and easy to use.


Install Salesforce Show Api Name


5. Salesforce DevTools

★★★★★ 36 reviews | 30,000+ users

Salesforce DevTools is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to access your Salesforce data without leaving the browser. It is a free, open-source tool. This tool can be used to create visualizations of your Salesforce data, search for records in your database, and edit records in bulk. The simple UI makes it easy for anyone to use this extension with no prior knowledge of Salesforce or coding knowledge necessary.

The benefits of Salesforce DevTools are:

  • You can visualize data from within the browser window.
  • You can search for records by name or ID.
  • Export object fields, definitions, page layouts and list views to excel files.
  • All Check on profile and permission pages.


Install Salesforce DevTools


6. Google Sheets Connector for Salesforce

Google Sheets is a great tool for data management and analysis, but it lacks the ability to communicate with other applications. With the Google Sheets Connector for Salesforce, we can now sync data from Google Sheets to Salesforce and vice versa.

The Google Sheets Connector for Salesforce is a Chrome extension that automatically syncs data between Google Sheets and Salesforce. You can also use it to update records in one system with changes made in the other, or create new records in one system based on values from the other.

The connector is available as an add-on for both Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as an app for Android devices.

Get Google Sheets Connector for Salesforce


Further Salesforce Reading

Thank you for reading and reviewing our favorite chrome extensions and productivity tools for Salesforce.

Be sure to read our top Salesforce User Adoption Strategies and Resources as you onboard Salesforce, or if you want to supercharge your active Salesforce usage.

Thank you for reading. If you have any recommendations or suggestions to add, please comment below!

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