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Salesforce Training Resources for New Admins and Beginners – The Complete Guide


Why is Salesforce Training Important?

The Salesforce platform has many powerful core features that are not always out-of-the-box ready for your business use-case. In order to truly maximize the value of your Salesforce journey, invest in consistent training. In fact, Salesforce Training should be a pillar of your Salesforce Journey.

Training will help you and your organization become more efficient and productive, while also expanding your overall knowledge of the product, new features, and best practices.

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4 Great Salesforce Training Resources for New Users

Trailhead (free)

Salesforce has created an interactive training platform to help Users self-learn at their own pace and at their own direction. With Trailhead, you can learn in-demand skills, connect with other Salesforce Users, explore Salesforce opportunities, for starters.

Visit Trailhead – the fun way to learn Salesforce

Trailblazer Community (free)

Salesforce has an incredible User community all eager to provide their insight and solutions about the platform. Here, you can browse the most recent or popular User generated questions and answers to help refine your Salesforce skillset.

If you see a question you can answer, don’t be shy – jump in and offer your expertise to the community!

Explore the Trailbalzer Community

Trailhead Academy (cost)

Trailhead Academy is a listing of paid course learning. The course listing ranges throughout all the Salesforce Products and is geared towards both Admins and Developers. These courses are expert-led with in-person and virtual options.

While these course can certainly enhance or speed-up your Salesforce Journey, the free alternatives Salesforce provides should not be overlooked. You should determine how you learn best.

Visit the Trailhead Academy

Create a Salesforce Scratch Org

The most valuable tool when learning Salesforce is to get your hands dirt and start configuration. Salesforce offers many ways to create a Salesforce Org for training purposes.. Salesforce is best learned through doing. These Orgs are free and typically contain an array of Salesforce Features from the different clouds.

Create and Test a Salesforce Scratch Org

Request a Salesforce Developer Edition Org


5 Free Salesforce Training Video Series That Will Help You Master the Basics

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools in the tech industry. The company offers a variety of free training videos to help you master the basics of Salesforce. Below are our favorite Salesforce provided support videos and playlists that every Salesforce Admin and Developer should watch.

The 5 free Salesforce training video series are:

    1. Introduction to Salesforce Basics

    1. What is a Salesforce Admin

    1. Using Reports and Dashboards

    1. Salesforce Flow Builder Tutorials for Admin

    1. Who Sees What, Salesforce Security Model

How do I become Salesforce Certified?

Salesforce offers Salesforce Certification opportunities for the different platforms and skill-sets within the Salesforce eco-system. These certifications not only test your knowledge and platform prowess, but also provides a resume-worth highlight for prospective employers. Your Salesforce Administrator Certification will be the first certification to start your training.

The best place to begin your Salesforce Admin Certification journey is to review the different Administrator Credentials and review the Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential Trailhead. This Trail has the ideal flow to learn the knowledge and skillets, in an easy-to-follow sequence, to prepare you for your first certification.

Start preparing for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential today.

How much does Salesforce training cost?

The Salesforce platform offers many different types of training, but the most common type is the free online Trailhead training provided by Salesforce themselves. There are over 2000 modules available for you to complete and each module takes about 10-15 minutes. You can also take free courses as well as paid ones.

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